Independent artisan bakery in Burntisland

Order online for pick up from our bakery shop on Saturdays

How does this online store work?

Check the banner at the top of the page to see which day you can preorder for now. Check out the menu of available products and add them to your basket. You will need to purchase your chosen items via this site and they will be ready for you to collect from our shop.

Please note you will need to order at least 1 day in advance of the collection day.


  • for SATURDAY collection, this store will close at 8pm on Friday

On collection day, you can pick up your order between 10am - 3pm.

Addres: 156 High Street, Burntisland, KY3 9AP

A little bit about the bread

We only make sourdough bread, which is a 3 day process.

On the first day we make the sourdough starter. We build up the necessary amount in more steps. This starter is used on the second day to mix the dough: we add more flour, water and salt. After mixing, the dough is fermented and folded, then it is shaped and 'retarded' overnight in our fridges. On the third and final day we bake the bread, and let it cool before it can be sold.

Will there be bread available in the shop which hasn't been ordered?

There will be plenty of bread on the shelves, if you prefer to visit our shop or didn't have the chance to pre-order. Some products will be available to buy from the bakery only.

Why do we only bake sourdough bread?

We believe in the health benefits of sourdough bread: it is made from only three ingredients – flour, water and salt, although sometimes other natural ingredients can be added (seeds, nuts, spices, dried fruits, ...). Eating bread shouldn’t be a ‘naughty’ food item, it’s a staple in our diet, therefore, it should be as healthy, tasty and satisfying as possible. Due to the long fermentation process, sourdough bread is more easily digestible than other types of bread, allowing for more of the nutrients to be absorbed.